Peak2Valley Refractors

Designed and made in England, these precision machined OTAs feature absolutely rigid construction for perfect optical alignment, full baffling and flock lining. A choice of fixed or sliding dewshield, focuser and finish allows you to create your own bespoke version of this classic design.
You also have the choice of optics - either Istar achromats/anastigmats or TMB designed achromats.
Currently available in apertures up to 9 inch/228mm and focal ratios normally up to f11, with package deals to include a variety of mount options.
Available as 7inch f8 from £3550.
8inch f8 from £4450.
Model shown is a 7 inch f8  Istar R35 with retractable dewshield, Starlight 4.5inch focuser, CNC tube rings at £4450 
The Peak 2 Valley CLASSIC II 6 inch F15 

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The STARSPLITTER CLASSIC is a long focus achromatic refractor of conventional format, but offering the latest in optical and mechanical design - made and hand finished in the UK! Prices for 6 inch f15 start at £4995.