APM Super ED 180-1260


The APM 180-1260 Triplet is of uncompromising optical quality. All APM LZOS optics are made to a minimum optical standard of 95% Strehl. The 180 typically exceeds 96%. Customers have options on Dew-Shield, Back Focus and even paint finish specifications as all 180/1260 Telescopes are made to order.

1260 2

With an impressive 1260mm focal length but large 180mm aperture the 180-1260 offers a very fast F7 focal ratio for its focal length. It will allow you see planetary detail like you have never seen before. Deep sky objects have a new clarity and star clusters become almost 3D in appearance. The 180-1260 is a truly exceptional instrument.


With its large aperture, the 180-1260 is well suited to imaging. Two dedicated imaging accessories are made for it. The first is an optimised field flattener matched to the LZOS optics. This is designed for sensors up to medium format size. Each flattener body is custom made for either CCD or 6x7 format use. The second is a Massimo Riccardi designed Reducer. This reduces the effective focal length to 945mm and focal ration to an ultra fast F5.25. The reducer is a fully Apochromatic design using ED glass.


The APM 180/1260 CNC-LW-II, The Super APO!



180-1260 1

180-1260 2


The outstanding optical quality offered by the 180-1260 as shown by these test results. 

The APM 180-1260 Triplet is fitted with  the Starlight  Instruments Feathertouch 3.5” Focuser and costs £22,699.00 inc VAT



Triplet Super ED Apochromatic Refractor

LZOS OK-4 Super ED / OF-1 Elements. Multicoated

Kruppax 50, Aluminium CNC Tube

3.5” Starlight Instruments Focuser

Retractable Dew-Shield

CNC Tube Rings

Finder Shoe Bracket and Mount

2” and 1 ¼” Eyepiece Adapters

LZOS Optical Test Report



Length  1110mm (1350mm Observing)

Max Diameter 256mm

Tube Weight 49.8Ibs / 23kg

Aperture 180mm

Focal Length 1260mm

Focal Ratio f7

Resolution 0.64” Arc Seconds

Limit Value 13.1 Magnitude

Max Mag 360x