APM Super ED 152-1200D

152 1200 super

The APM 152-1200 Super ED Doublet has been created by APM to offer as mu152 1200 dch of the power and performance of our legendary 152 Triplet at a lower cost. Our new Doublet lens cell has been designed by the innovative optical designer Massimo Riccardi and produced by LZOS to our usual minimum standard of 95% Strehl. As with our Triplet, each telescope is custom made to order. All the options available to the Triplet are available for the Doublet.


With a significant 1200mm focal length, the 152-1200 is as equally impressive as the Triplet. Its performance comes remarkably close, just losing out on ultimate colour correction. However in comparison to other less well engineered Triplet designs, the APM LZOS Doublet stands apart as an exceptional example of just how good a Doublet can be.


Imaging accessories for the 152-1200D include a 2.5” field flattener and a special medium format flattener both of which maintain focal length. There is also a dedicated Reducer also designed by Massimo Riccardi. This changes focal length by a factor of x0.75, resulting in a 900mm focal length and fast f5.9 aperture.


Focuser options for the 152-1200D are the APM 2.5” or 3” Rack and Pinion 360 Degree focusers,  Alternatively we can offer the Starlight Instruments 2.5”, 3” and 3.5” Feathertouch focusers.


Our premium 6” Doublet offers a benchmark performance in this category.


152 1200d 1

The 152/1200 Doublet. Strehl ratios from 93.5 to 97.8!

The APM 152-1200D Doublet starts from an SRP of £6,679.00 with the APM 3” Focuser



  • Doublet Super ED Apochromatic Refractor
  • LZOS OK-4 Super ED / OF-1 Elements. Multicoated
  • Kruppax 50, Aluminium CNC Tube
  • 2.5, 3” & 3.5” APM or Starlight Instruments Focusers
  • Retractable Dew-Shield
  • CNC Tube Rings
  • Finder Shoe Bracket and Mount
  • 2” and 1 ¼” Eyepiece Adapters
  • LZOS Optical Test Report



  • Length  1070mm (1210mm Observing)
  • Max Diameter 196mm
  • Tube Weight 19.8Ibs / 9kg
  • Aperture 152mm
  • Focal Length 1200mm
  • Focal Ratio f7.9
  • Resolution 0.76” Arc Seconds
  • Limit Value 12.7 Magnitude
  • Max Mag 300x