APM Super ED 123-738


The new APM 123/738 is our new compact observing and imaging apochromat with a fast f6 focal ratio. Traditional APM-LZOS quality can be found in the lens cell, which as usual, is guaranteed to be a minimum 95% Strehl. As with all our telescopes, this already excellent optical performance is enhanced by  the APM tube which is baffled to extract the last little bit of contrast from the optical design.


Imaging accessories for the 123/738 include a 2.5” field flattener and a special medium format flattener both of which maintain focal length. There is also a dedicated Massimo Riccardi designed APM Reducer. This changes focal length by a factor of x0.75, resulting in a 553mm focal length and ultra fast f4.5 aperture.

738 2


The 123/738 also features a retractable Dew-Shield with inner shade to help prevent dewing. Both focuser options provide 360 Degree rotation for perfect camera alignment, high load capacities and 1:10 lockable fine focusing.



The APM 123/738 Triplet starts from an SRP of £4,899 with the APM 3” Focuser



  • Triplet Super ED Apochromatic Refractor
  • LZOS OK-4 Super ED / OF-1 Elements. Multicoated
  • Kruppax 50, Aluminium CNC Tube
  • 2.5, 3.0” or 3.5” APM or Starlight Instruments Focusers
  • Retractable Dew-Shield
  • CNC Tube Rings
  • Finder Shoe Bracket and Mount
  • 2” and 1 ¼” Eyepiece Adapters
  • LZOS Optical Test Report



  • Length TBC (TBC Observing)
  • Max Diameter TBC
  • Tube Weight TBC
  • Aperture 123mm
  • Focal Length 738mm
  • Focal Ratio f6.0
  • Resolution 0.93” Arc Seconds
  • Limit Value 12.2 Magnitude
  • Max Mag 246x