APM Telescopes






Please note there are misleading suggestions that only certain UK dealers offer fully authorised APM sales in UK - this is not so!

All of our products are sourced through an official UK distributor.

We supply fully checked and collimated APM and LZOS OTAs and also offer a non-registration warranty on APM products of six years - customers should simply retain proof of purchase.

We also offer an unrivalled part exchange and buy-back service, so buying your APM refractor from P2V in the UK offers  the purchaser the best deal available!

Please contact us for details.


APM Apochromatic Refractors 


APM is known for the largest range of Apochromatic Refractor Telescopes in the world, including the worlds largest, the 510mm aperture, 6500mm focal length monster the Super ED 510-6500.

Each one is carefully aligned and star tested before leaving the APM facility. Our handcrafted LZOS models each come with an individual optical test report, guaranteeing a minimum standard of performance.


APM have with immediate effect introduced new distribution channels for Europe/UK and we continue to offer the standard range of APM products.

Unfortunately, the superb LZOS lens based telescopes, including the Observatory Range of professional, large aperture instruments, have restricted availability - please contact us for details.


Note - prices subject to currency conversion adjustment, please enquire.




SUPER ED 107-700 

107mm f6.5 Triplet with FPL-53 Super ED Element. A truly high-end Apochromat of 700mm focal length.



ED 152-1200 


APM/LZOS Telescopes
There has been a dramatic reduction in the range of APM/LZOS products. The 100/8, 105/6.2, 115/7 and 123/6 are all discontinued - please enquire about remaining stocks.
Two models remain: 130/6 and 130/9. These offer superb triplet lenses with typically high Strehl ratios.
APM/LZOS 130 F6.6 or F9 triplet apochromat with 3" focuser - from £5799
Larger apertures are likely to be unavailable. Please enquire.