ISTAR Optical

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P2V specialise in helping amateurs achieve their dream telescope. Often these are not available off the shelf so we offer a range of achromat and apochromatic objectives from ISTAR OPTICAL.
ISTAR OPTICAL - Achromats doublets
All ISTAR achromatic doublets and apochromatic doublets and triplets are available for clients wishing to upgrade their existing refractor or build a new instrument.  Lenses are mounted in a CNC machined cell and fully adjustable push-pull counter cells are available at extra cost.
Sizes from 150mm upto 254mm. Hand figured doublets in push-pull cell. Broadband multilayer film (yellow). Average Strehl ratio above 0.9 (>F7).
ISTAR OPTICAL - Anastigmatic doublets
ISTAR OPTICAL offer a range of uniquely design Rx technology range of anastigmatic doublets, offering significant improvement in chromatic aberration and reduced image spot size when compared to Fraunhoffer achromats.
Anastigmats: R30/R35 designs provide reduction in chromatic aberration and image spot size,eg R30 gives 30% reduction and performs in a similar way to an achromat of 30% longer focal length.
The ISTAR OPTICAL RX offer near apochromatic performance with a lower lens weight and faster cool down time, better images quicker!
ISTAR OPTICAL - H Alpha Achromats doublets
The ISTAR OPTICAL also offer H Alpha tuned objectives specificly designed with soalr use in mind offering improved contrast and still excellent for night time use. These are available from 150-250mm diameter.
The fully adjustable push-pull lens cells are CNC machined from titanium magnesium alloy, with either a polished natural finish or anodised with colour dependant on product type.
For those who are building a complete telescope we also offer a range of focusers, finders, tube rings and custom tubing to suit your every need.