Special Projects

We are able to undertake special projects and component manufacture, for example the refurbishment of antique and classic telescopes.
 We can replicate the style and design of all major telescope makers from the past, provided sketches or photos of components are available, and produce components in polished aluminium, brass, etc.
We are also considering designs for solid or composite wooden tubes as found on telescopes from the 19th century, and a pillar and claw stand.
Cell and tube components for the 10inch Henry Fitz Refractor at the Oxford Mills Observatory in Ontario, Canada, have been shipped and the client is delighted with the machining and finish. This was a major undertaking, the cell is polished brass, measuring 30 cm diameter and weighing in at over 18 kilos.
This telescope, built in 1862, has an  F19 focal ratio and an original wooden tube. A new 10inch doublet is being produced by Mr James Gort. 
Peak 2 Valley Instruments can offer the complete design and fabrication services required for this type of refurbishment project, and execute the work with unrivalled expertise and precision whilst maintaining the attention to detail needed for sympathetic restoration.
The 3 component cell was CNC machined from castings, to reduce wastage and material costs.
  gort cell 2 131112 003    
The push-pull design is very similar to Grubb designs of the mid 18th Century.
  gort cell 2 131112 007
This is how we anticipate the fully restored Fitz will appear. Note the brass end rings or collars, used to stiffen the wooden composite tube - we also supplied these components for the project.
This engraving is actually of the Merz and Mahler 11 inch refractor at the Cincinatti Observatory, said to be the oldest refractor in continuous use anywhere in the world.
 File:Refractor Cincinnati observatory.jpg