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Coming soon: Superb AstroPhysics Traveller with mount, controller, accessories - watch this space.

Classic telescopes


We usuallyhave instruments by Broadhurst Clarkson, Steward, Cooke and other makers available.

1.  Broadhurst Clarkson Advanced star Boy 3 inch aperture, all brass, adjustable cell, lens cap, dewshield, finder, one eyepiece on full size swan neck mount, garden tripod.

     Nicely patinated, we know history back to original 1920's purchase. Nice images, lovely library telescope                                           £500

2.  Surveyor's box that would suit above telescope, metal clasps, needs refurbishment and fitting out                                                       £50

3.  Broadhurst Clarkson 3 inch, black lacquered brass, circa 1920, tube only, finder brackets fitted, no finder, one eyepiece                    £150

4.  Original Broadhurst box, suits item (3) but not originally associated, very good condition with lock and key, makers label                   £120 or £100 if bought with item (3)

5.  Unbranded 3 inch brass tube only, some shallow dents, eyepiece                                                                                                         £100

6.  Unbranded 3 inch brass terrestrial telescope tube only, variable power eyepiece                                                                                  £100                                    


Fullerscopes MKIVs and MKIIIs to suit above, from £350/£50 respectively

Also several Fuller and Frank 4/6/8 inch Newtonians with optics in need of attention, from £40 each