Folded Refractors

Folded Refractors


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Folded refractors offer a neat solution for those observers requiring the performance of a long focus refractor in a manageable format.

-  Significantly shorter tube assembly

-  Less stringent mounting requirements

-  Easier to handle and transport

-  Available as "cassegrain" or "newtonian" configuration

The design is intended to be maintenance free - as with our classically designed OTAs, collimation should not be required due to the design and exceptional build quality.

The perceived drawback of folded systems is light loss due to the addition of two reflective surfaces, but this is minimised by the use of 97% reflective coatings on the optical flats. Indeed, as longer focal lengths require less highly corrected eyepieces you may well find that the light loss is less than that of a shorter focal length refractor with a complex multi-element eyepiece.

As we now have the benefit of APM Telescopes experience of manufacturing folded systems of various apertures, we will in future offer APM models in lieu of our own REFLEX model . The APM design features Zerodur mirrors and superb OTA construction, with prices of similar order to our own designs. Dedicated solar options available.

Prices start at around £5000 for 150mm aperture, £9000 for 204mm aperture and larger sizes on request.

We also offer the Equinox Interscience bespoke 10 inch f12 achromats and apochromats, see details on our EI page.