Equinox Interscience

Superb custom built OTAs and mounts now available from this prestigious specialist manufacturer.

Equinox Interscience originally started business in 1984 as a sole proprietorship under the name Equinox Industries and was operated by Mr. Russell Mellon to perform optical design and analysis consulting and small scale optical instrument fabrication support. Notable projects from this early period include a doppler LIDAR wind field measurement instrument built for MontEdison Spa of Turin Italy and a Tactical Airborne Laser Communications test brassboard built for the US Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.

EI's expertise extends from large aperture professional observatory installations, educational facilities and advanced amateur equipment.

Sextantis Mk II German Equatorial Mount

  • Newly Redesigned and Upgraded
  • 300 kg (660 lb) Payload
  • Computer Controls
  • Rapid Slewing


  • Accommodates Refractor OTAs to 14 Inches
  • Carries Cassegrain OTAs to 24 Inches
  • Control System Based on U.S. Naval Observatory NOVAS-C Software
  • Compatible with “The Sky” Application

Delivery: 5-6 months from payment.

VYSOS Telescope Fork Mount

  • Carries reflector OTAs to 30 inches
  • Fully robotic operation and control

Delivery: 4-5 months from payment

Refractor telescope apochromatic optical tube assemblies

  • 10 inch and 14 inch units available
  • 5 element optical design
  • 3-piece tube structures

Delivery: 8-12 months from payment


Equinox produces custom mounts and OTAs to user specifications. Feel free to contact us with your application needs or to discuss your mount.The example above is a combination equatorial and Azimuth/elevation mounting system.

Pedestal contains inner gimbal for AZ/EL adjustment of polar axis. Laser source in polar axle housing provides alignment reference for Theodolite. Mounting can be aligned with NCP to within 3 arc seconds during daylight.