CFF 140mm Refractor


Medium size refractor that is targeting both visual astronomers, interested in top quality planetary views and imagers too. Delivers contrasty, sharp images of planets and deep sky objects.

Highly portable f6.5 version, with machined baffles and sliding dew shield, can be compacted down to 32''/800 mm length for easy transport to your preferred observing site.

Both longer focal ratio versions are aiming at planetary observers that want to enjoy best correction possible at the eyepiece. We are tuning these for planetary-visual correction.


Clear aperture - 140 mm;

Focal length - 915 mm; Focal ratio - 6.5;

Focal length - 1050 mm; Focal ratio - 7.5 - Super Planetary Series;

Focal length - 1260 mm; Focal ratio - 9 - Super Planetary Series;


Minimum length - from 780 mm (fully retracted dew shield)*

Maximum length - up to 1340 mm (fully extended dew shield)*

Back-focus - 180 to 220 mm (on request);

Tube diameter - 145 mm;

Dew shield diameter - 164 mm;

Weight - 10 kg, including rings*

Accessories included in the price : CNC rings, flight case.

Optional Accessories:

Field Corrector - corrected Field = 55 mm.

Dovetail, Losmandy Type

Handle, matching Dovetail's length


* Minimum and Maximum Length values are dependent on focal ratio and back-focus value chosen;

* Weight may vary from version to version, depending on back-focus, focuser type;

* f7.5 and f9 models are offered only with 3'' Starlight focuser;