All types of observer will find spectroscopy an absorbing extension to their astronomical pursuits –experienced or not, you can actually do some real science with today’s spectrophotometers.

We can now supply the new version of the British designed and built CCDSPEC from Elliott Instruments, which we believe to offer many advantages over competing models and at a very competitive price.   

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This has been specially designed for amateur astronomers and small observatories, to take scientifically useful spectra of astronomical objects from stars and nebulae, to the red-shifts of galaxies and supernovae.

The designer, Dr Ken Elliott, is a professional astronomer who has undertaken spectroscopic research at many of the world’s leading observatories. He is currently lecturer at Birmingham University. His many years experience of spectroscopic instrumentation and analysis has resulted in a design that is simple to understand and use – if you can place an image on a camera sensor, you will easily master the CCDSPEC. With the specially written PCSPECTRA software (Windows 7/XP/Vista) it really is a plug-and-play operation with the only adjustment being the focusing of the image. You will have impressive, detailed spectra recorded within minutes of taking the CCDSPEC from it’s box.

With 0 to 17.5mm back focus, it will work with any CCD camera that you already have or we can supply the QHY6 camera, prefocused and ready to go.

Designed for use with telescope focal ratios between f5 and f30, there is a facility for viewing the slit visually, with a CCD camera or for autoguiding.

Compact (50x50x160mm) and lightweight, the unit has T-mount with M42 entrance and exit fittings.

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The spectrum shows the emission lines of ionised hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen as well as the mercury doublet from light pollution. The bright band at the centre is the spectrum of the  trapezium stars, showing almost no absorption lines as the stars are so hot.

 pic 5

High velocity stellar winds in a Wolf-Rayet star

pic 6

Methane absorption bands in the spectrum of Uranus

Get a new perspective with the Elliott Instruments CCDSPEC!

ONLY £1095 including VAT

Add the QHY6 camera for £350 including VAT

Add Helium calibration lamp for £50 including VAT

Full specification sheet emailed on request